The Sinéad Collection
Now dressing up is twice the fun! A new dress to wear and an identical one for her favourite/favorite doll.

The Sinéad summer collection features an exclusive range of retro dresses for little girls, with matching dresses for their dolly.  Designed and made in Australia, all Sinéad dresses are easy-care and made of 100% cotton.

For only $30AUD (+ $5 P&H)(less than $20US)
you can buy two matching dresses featuring:

  • 1200 thread cotton
  • beautiful finishes
  • rouleau binding
  • on the white dresses, each design is individually embroidered.


    Not all girls of the same age are identical in size. The 4-5 size fits the average four, five or six year old. It fits seven year old girls, depending on their build. With PayPal, you’re guaranteed full return on your money if you purchase a dress that doesn’t fit. Just return the dress and I’ll refund your money.All three designs come in size 2-3 and 4-5 to fit girls from three to seven. Best to measure the potential lucky recipient to check.

    Size 2-3

    (64cm [25″] from shoulder to hem. Chest/waist 56cm [22″]).

    Size 5-7

    (69cm [27″] from shoulder to hem. Chest/waist 64cm [25″]).

    Doll’s dresses fit all standard-sized dolls

    White Embroidered Dress for a Girl and her Doll
    Each dress is individually embroidered so no two dresses are exactly alike. The doll’s dresses feature a delightful miniature of the designs embroidered on the girl’s dress.

    white embroidered dress
    girls dress

    Pink Patchwork Dress for a Girl and her doll

    For $30AUD (less than $20US) you can buy two dresses, both featuring 1200 thread cotton. Every patch on every dress is individually sewn. That’s right. The patches are not printed on fabric, instead they’re lovingly sewn on the girl’s dress with little patches on a dress for her dolly.
    girl's retro dressessewn patches
    girls dresses dolls dresses

    Red Flower Dress for a Girl and her Doll

    Each dress has beautiful rouleau binding at the waist and around the collar. It’s an heirloom item which will never go out of style.

    girls dress
    girl's dressgirls dress dolls dress

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